Silicon Steel Slitting Line-1250MM

Silicon Steel Slitting Line-1250MM   
  • Product name:Silicon Steel Slitting Line-1250MM
  • Scope of application:Silicon steel coil,silicon steel sheet,transformer core,transformer lamination
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  • Product category:silicon steel slitting line
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Product description

The slitting line is used to longitudinal cutting the wide CRGO coil into required width of strips and wind into rolled coil. It is necessary for transformer industry.

Description of the production line 1. decoiler and recoiler vehicle decoiler and recoiler vehicle carries the coil material to make the two direction movement of horizontal and vertical. And convey the Description of the production line
1. decoiler and recoiler vehicle
decoiler and recoiler vehicle carries the coil material to make the two direction movement of horizontal and vertical. And convey the coil material to the decoiler and send out of the recoiler. The vehicle mainly consists of frame, tray, standard spiral elevator, standard moving speed reducer, wheels, guide pole as well as motor.
2. Frequency decoiler
    coil material inner diameter:      f500mm
    coil material max outside diameter:  f1200mm
    coil material weight:      8T
coil head expanding scope:480mm-530mm
    Max width of coil material:  1250mm
Decoiler as the first equipment of the slitting line mainly is used for tightly clamping the silicon steel coil, and conveying the coil materials. The decoiler mainly consists of speed reducer,independent hydraulic station,base seat, spindle
Device, circular bearing plate with tapered slider and other parts.Spindle device is adopted by rotating hydraulic cylinder, which can shrink, tension, positive rotate and reverse rotate. The running speed of the decoiler is controlled by the ultrasonic ranging sensor.
3.material supporting device
Material supporting device is used for connecting the plate material released from the decoiler to make it pass the moving drum through the supporting device,and smoothly into the guide device and roll slitting machine. The supporting device consists of welded frame, stainless steel turning plate controlled by gas cylinder and feed roller.
4.Roll-slitting machine ,movable guide device
Roll-slitting machine is the key equipment of the slitting line; its main function is slitting the silicon steel strip materials to specified width according to the required size. It is mainly composed of the bed, main engine box, spindle, carbide cutting tools, tail box, etc.
   slitting width tolerance:±0.1mm
   slitting sheet thickness :0.21-0.5mm
   slitting speed:120m/min
    max slitting number:10
Movable guide device can lead the silicon steel strip to enter the slitting machine smoothly, and take transverse moving guide for the slitting.
This device is composed of frame body, hand wheel, pressing parts, rolling guide, speed reducer, etc.
Table horizontal moving device, can make the work table to move in a transverse direction along the bed rail of the roll slitting machine, to adjust edge width.
5.supporting intermediate bridge
The main function of the supporting intermediate bridge is to bear the silicon steel sheet after slitting through the buffer pit smoothly, into the pressing device,
And control the coil speed of recoiler by the swing rod potentiometer.
It’s mainly composed of frame body, roller, and stainless steel turning plate controlled by gas cylinder, swing rod, potentiometer, as well as the sensor.
6.pressing guide device
In order to guarantee the roundness, tightness and neatness of the silicon steel coils, the pressing guide device is set up to supply the tensions.
It’s mainly comprises of frame, upper beam, moving bottom beam controlled by the hydraulic cylinder, upper airbag cushion block, bottom cushion block,
Material support turning plate, guide roller, slitting roller etc.
The normal feeding material width of the pressing device is less than 1250mm.
7. recoiler
   coiler inner diameter:f500mm
   max coiler width:1250mm
   max coil material weight:6T
     max coil material diamter:f1200mm
Recoiler as the terminal equipment of the production line is also the key equipment of the slitting machine. Its main function is to tension and neatly coil the silted silicon steel strip, to supply the raw material to the transverse lamination cutting machines.
It mainly consist of speed reducer, spindle driving system, rotating hydraulic cylinder and so on.
 8. Hydraulic station
 9. PLC control system , 7inch color touchable screen display

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