About Us

     Shenyang KeNuo machinery manufacture co.,ltd. located in Shenyang development zone,we are State focused high technology factory, province supported high technique enterprise that covered with 28771 square meters, and building area 7848 square meter. We are specialized in Transformer related equipment, and passed the GB/T9001-2008-ISO9001:2008 quality management system .And develop, cooperate with some univercity and research unit.
      We developed by ourselves the product of: Silicon steel slitting machine,Silicon steel sheet cut-to-length cutting machine, Unicore core cutting machine,Transformer core winding machine, aluminum foil winding machine, copper foil winding machine  etc.We obtained 5 patents and wined the independent intellectual property rights; the series produces are provincial and Ministerial level as well as award high technological progress.  Low price: the price of the company's equipment compared to similar products lower than the average price of 30% -40%. The introduction of our equipment manufacturers, productivity is much higher than other processing factories, The above points enough to detonate transformer core cutting and reactor core shear processing. At the same time we perform excellent port service, cost-effective, rapid and timely delivery.
     In the industry of transformer core cutting, and reactor core cutting and other metal processing, especially silicon steel shear win a high reputation at home and abroad. A strong degree of competition in the international market, the machines has been exported to United States, Peru,Turkey,India, Brazil, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Argentina, Singapore, Greece,the United Arab Emirates and other countries, and high praised by users. For a high-tech and leading company, technology is the most important. We always look for excellence in technology solutions, create more good functions for customers, and perform a good pre-sales and after sales service and maintenance.