About Us

     Shenyang KeNuo machinery manufacture co.,ltd. located in Shenyang development zone,we are State focused high technology factory, province supported high technique enterprise that covered with 28771 square meters, and building area 7848 square meter. We are specialized in Transformer related equipment, and passed the GB/T9001-2008-ISO9001:2008 quality management system .And develop, cooperate with some univercity and research unit.
      Enterprise 2002 comprehensive ISo9001: 2008 quality system authentication In order to meet the needs of transformer industry, manufacturing equipment and advanced international te chnical standard and specia equipment and shenyang city ele ctrician cooperation, common institutes of high-tech content, CNC, electromechanical integration design, research ZDSK a series of transtormer core slice centre positioning nc transverse cutting line FBRX Series amorphous alloy transformer winding machine, automatic winding machine series of spindle drive sDs, etc. Various new products, and in many other normal operation of transtormer factory, finalize the design product eduction slitting line, silicon steel cUt to length line, line, coiling machine core direct shear, V, cardboard garden shears, insulation board pressure ridge machine manufacturing equipment corresponding transformer the frequency transmission control, pneumatic control design, make equipment such high speed, high precision, durable sex characteristics, deeply transformer Manufacturing, We value the progress of science and technology, development by innovation, with products of high quality first-class service wholeheartedly for the transtormer, transformer, electric motors, instrumentation, metallurgy, etc
     In the industry of transformer core cutting, and reactor core cutting and other metal processing, especially silicon steel shear win a high reputation at home and abroad. A strong degree of competition in the international market, the machines has been exported to United States, Peru,Turkey,India, Brazil, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Argentina, Singapore, Greece,the United Arab Emirates and other countries, and high praised by users. For a high-tech and leading company, technology is the most important. We always look for excellence in technology solutions, create more good functions for customers, and perform a good pre-sales and after sales service and maintenance.