BGJ series of silicon steel Vertical Shearing line

BGJ series of silicon steel Vertical Shearing line   
  • Product name:BGJ series of silicon steel Vertical Shearing line
  • Scope of application:Silicon steel coil,silicon steel sheet,transformer core,transformer lamination
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  • Product category:silicon steel slitting line
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Product description

BGJ series of silicon steel Vertical Shearing line:

    Silicon  steel  sheetion  of  vertical  shear (ie  the  rolling  sheear  line)is  the  production  of  transformers, transformers, electrical  appliances  and  sheet  metal  products such  as paper  materials  will  be  cut  into  different  width  strips, not  the  lack  of  special  equipment.  BHJ series  inverter  control sliting  line  is developed  by  our  factory  replacement  product, from  automatic  tensioner,  frequency  ciil  machine,  open-book lift  the material  vehicles, frequency  roll  shear,  led  is  pressed,  inverter  winding  machine, winding  down  discharging vehicles,  electrical  appliances such  as  single  frequency  conversion  control  cabinet  composed  of  a  continuous  cut  into  strips , rolled  by  the  winding  machine  coil.
      The  contiuuous  roll  cut  slitting  line  coil  ,frequency  control,  production  efficiency,  rolling  shear  line  speed  10-70 m/min ,using  Danfoss  VLT®Micro  Drive  FC51  inverter  speed  stransmission,  speed  steady, uniform speed  can  automatically  track  the  opearation  speed  can  also  be  stand-alone  operation,  the  device  smart  digital  meter   length, 
Cut-cut,  saving  labor.  Simple  structure.. adjusemt.  Operation,  and  maintenance.
    Professional production silicon steel Vertical Shearing line,silicon steel Vertical cutting line,At the same time we perform excellent port service, cost-effective, rapid and timely delivery.
Technical   parameters
 Product   Type
Vertical Cutting Line
Vertical Cutting Line
Vertical Cutting Line
Cut steel sheet thi kness 0.2-0.5mm 0.2-0.5mm 0.2-1.5mm
Rolling shear strip width 40-1000mm 40-1200mm 40-1500mm
Burr cut strips ≤0.2mm ≤0.2mm ≤0.2mm
Shear strip width error ≤±0.2mm ≤±0.2mm ≤±0.2mm
Shear rate of 0-70M 0-70M 0-70M
Roll material cutting machine tool YG20 YG20 W18cr4v
Begins with the standard drum diameter Φ500mm Φ500mm Φ600mm
Stamdard winding reel diameter Φ500mm Φ500mm Φ600mm
Uncoiler maximum load ≤5T ≤6T ≤8T
Winder maximum load ≤5T ≤6T ≤8T
Temsion activities diameter Φ460-520mm Φ460-520mm Φ560-620mm
Mobile vehicle lift heavy ≤5T(cycling) ≤6T(twin) ≤8T(twin)
Full range of total instlled capacity of 29KW 29KW 40KW
Full range of installation dimensions 12M*6M 12M*6M  
Full range of equipment,the weight of 13T 14T  

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